Right now, livestock outnumbers human beings and wildlife 3:2. This is a disaster for the climate and for biodiversity. Livestock takes up a huge amount of space, with forests and other precious habitats flattened to make way for factory farms and fields. Trees are lost, soil is eroded, water supplies are impacted, wildlife is disrupted, animals are abused—and that’s not to mention the colossal amount of greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and methane (aka cow farts…). 

But there is another way. To tackle climate change, we need to cut the amount of meat and dairy we’re eating in half by 2030. That means companies need to start prioritising plant-based food and people need to stop eating meat and dairy, or opt for more sustainable, free-range, organic options. The bigger the demand for vegetarian, vegan and ethical food, the less viable factory farms become, so we can all do our bit by reaching for a bean burger.