This Is The Kit - thursday 18:20 – 18:25

Since 2008’s debut album Krulle Bol, This Is The Kit, Kate Stables and friends,  have unpicked emotional knots and woven remarkable stories across four stellar albums. By the end of 2018, This Is The Kit had finished touring their last album, the talismanic Moonshine Freeze, before Kate was  invited to join The National on tour – a continuation of the role she took on their album I Am Easy To Find. “I think it did me loads of good,” laughs Stables. “ It was so brilliant when I was writing to be away from my songs and the responsibility of being in charge of a band or a project - I loved it. I think it really helped my writing and my getting through whatever I needed to get through.”  Hopefully, in the not too distant future we’ll all be hearing about the next stage of This is the Kit.